Declan likes rocks and photographing them, sometimes shaping them beforehand. He enjoys the questions that emerge when collecting things and putting them into other contexts. He hasn't submitted anything for a while and is wondering what to include in a bio. He's 27 and lives in Liverpool. He works at Open Eye Gallery. He likes a cheap red wine, making posters, looking at moths and swimming.

email: declansconnolly@gmail.com

IG: @declansconnolly

bonus IG: @bigmothonline




'Not a Cloud in the Sky' (Convenience Gallery, Birkenhead Park, UK. 2022)

*panicked hiatus*

'Way-Making' (Gallery Steel Rooms, Brigg, UK. 2019)

Winter Show (Gallery Steel Rooms, Brigg, UK. 2018)

PhotoEast Festival (Suffolk, UK. 2018)

The Shape of Things (PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. 2017)

'Misugo London: The Whitworth pt. 2' (The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK. 2017)

Manifest Festival 'In Visible Lines' (Scaffold Gallery, Greater Manchester, UK. 2017)

Look Festival 'Cities of Exchange' (Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK. 2017)

Photograd's inaugural exhibition. (Suffolk, UK. 2017)

Index (Cardiff, UK. 2015)

Nocturnes (Newport, UK. 2014)

Secvențe Photography Festival (Ploiești, Romania. 2014)


Bricoleur Magazine Issue 02

Untitled Collective Issue 07

Untitled Collective Feature

Of the Land and Us Feature Interview

Photograd Feature Interview

Sunny 16 Podcast Ep.60 Featured Guest

Gravy Photographic Issue 02

Source Photographic Review

Secvențe Photography Festival


If you've scrolled this far, you might as well have my number: 07905373062

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